Giveaway for Live Stream.

Add a Giveaway in your live stream and collect entries by getting viewers to comment. Draw random winners when you’re ready, or set a timer to draw one automatically.

Why use a Stream Giveaway Tool?
Giveaway is a great tool to grow your audience
We created a giveaway that is easy to adapt to your product or brand and add to any live stream with no effort.
You offer a prize or incentive to your viewers, and LiveReacting collects all the entries. Toward the end, LiveReacting selects a random winner (or multiple ones). The whole process is automated and doesn't require your control (unless you prefer to be involved).
Additionally, it's simple to integrate the giveaway into streaming software that you love using (like OBS, StreamYard, etc.).
More details on how it works
Step by step Video tutorial
1. Choose pre-built template.

We have a few different giveaway templates. You can build your own template as well.
2. Configure and customize.

Configure giveaway parameters (instruction, entry word, timer, etc.) and customize the design (adjust colors, fonts, add image or a video of the prize etc.)
3. Start live broadcast.

Make your giveaway go live in one click and sit back. LiveReacting tracks every giveaway entry, displays profile photos of new entrants inside a live video, and randomly selects the winner when the timer is up.
How is this working?
Live Giveaway Workflow
Live video giveaway
1. Waiting for Entrants
The instructions, title and photo of the prize and timer are displayed in the stream.
Live video giveaway
2. Collecting Entries
A profile photo and name of every new entrant appears in the stream.
Live video giveaway
3. Picking the Winner
When the timer stops (or when you decide), the system randomly starts picking the winner.
Live video giveaway
4. Displaying the Winner
As soon as the system picks the winner, their name and profile photo appears in the stream.
Create exciting giveaways with our
Advanced features
Live video giveaway
Get entries from multiple channels
Planning to stream Twitch Giveaway to Facebook and Youtube at the same time? Get entries from all sources at once place.
Giveaway Live video stream
Display every new entry
Enable animated notification for every new entry, so it pops up whenever someone new joins the giveaway.
Giveaway Live video stream
Integrate with any streaming software
Stream giveaway to OBS, vMix, StreamYard, Restream and other streaming solutions for wider functionality.
Live video giveaway
Add a timer to draw a winner automatically
Set a timer to automatically pick a winner when the time runs out.
Giveaway Live video stream
Compact Mode
You can switch to a compact mode ‘on the go’, so your live giveaway widget takes less space in the stream.
Giveaway Live video stream
Customizable layout
Personalize giveaway with colors, fonts, prize photos, entry word and other configurations.
Examples of ready to use and customizable
Live video giveaway
Compact Giveaway with live host
Live video giveaway
Giveaway with live host
Live video giveaway
Giveaway with pre-recorded video
Live video giveaway
Giveaway with live host
Examples of live Giveaways
Created By Our Customers
Frequently asked questions
How do users enter the Live Giveaway?
Viewers use type an entry word in comments (word that you set as an entry requirement). When you stream a Giveaway on Youtube, Twitch or Facebook, users need to be logged in to leave a comment.
Can I add Giveaway in the middle of my show?
Yes, you can add and hide giveaway at any point of your live stream. You can also run it multiple times.
Can I integrate this Giveaway into my streaming software?
Yes, you can integrate it into the majority of popular live streaming software.
Can I stream a Giveaway without a host?
Yes. You can stream a giveaway on top of a pre-taped video or a simple image background. You can also add a timer to your giveaway, so when it stops, the winner is selected automatically.

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