Create 24/7 Live stream channel.

Make your own custom 24-hour Live channel for YouTube, Twitch and other platforms. Schedule videos, music, countdowns, games, polls, and we will run it on our servers 24/7.

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What is this?

Your own Live channel

LiveReacting is a powerful tool designed for digital creators, so they can easily launch continuous streams to drive new traffic, monetize old videos, and stay in favor of YouTube, Facebook and Twitch algorithms.

Are you looking to create your own live stream music, radio or news channel? Or maybe you want to repurpose your previously recorded videos and stream them in the loop to increase channel subscribers and views*?

LiveReacting offers a solution that allows to set up a broadcast with multiple videos that play one after another automatically, so you can get busy with other stuff.

You can upload videos in our browser-based streaming studio and then run live broadcast from our servers. No expensive hardware and software are needed. You even do not need to keep your PC turned on.

* - YouTube Live videos are watched longer than usual videos. YouTube ranks live videos higher than other types of content.

Step-by-step tutorial
LiveReacting 24/7 video queue
24/7 video queue
Besides basic video streaming, we have
Advanced features
Live video 24/7 channel multistream

You can stream your 24/7 videos playlist to multiple destinations at the same (e.g., Youtube, Twitch and custom RTMP).

Poll for live video stream 24-7 channel
Countdowns, polls and interactive elements

Add interactive elements in your 24/7 channel to make it more memorable and engaging.

Live video 24/7 channel automatic
Enjoy your days off or focus on other things while streaming 24/7, as all your videos will switch one after another automatically.
Live video 24/7 channel participants comments pictures
Display comments
Make your channel stand out by displaying users comments together with their profile photo right inside of your stream.
Live video 24/7 channel camera
Add video from your camera
You can mix your pre-recorded videos with actual web cam streaming, or stream only from a web camera non-stop.
Live video 24/7 channel custom layout
Customizable layouts
You can easily tailor all your 24/7 channel by adding a logo, text, lower thirds and interactive elements, that are also fully customizable.
Examples of ready to use and customizable
24/7 Live video channel
24/7 live channel
Live video continuous loop
Simple video looping
Examples of live channels
Created By Our Customers
Simple pricing
(If you need to run live stream less than one month you can check our other pricing plans)
24/7 streaming price image
24/7 streaming
For companies and brands to run one 24/7 live channel
$349.99 $39.99 /mo
* This is a special, limited promotion
Use the code PROMOTION_24-7_2024 while making your purchase to apply discount
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  • 745 streaming hours per month
    ? suitable to run 24/7 during the whole month
  • Watermark removed
    ? Your followers won't see that you used our service for live streaming
  • 20 GB max video file size
  • 100 GB file storage
  • Multistream - 20 destinations
    ? Stream the same live feed to 20 destinations at the same time.
  • Direct uploading from Google Drive, Dropbox, YouTube
    ? Just paste a link to your video on Google Drive, Dropbox or YouTube and we will upload it within seconds
  • Unlimited social accounts
    ? Connect as many social accounts as you want
  • Screen sharing
  • Interactive elements
    ? You can add interactive elements such as polls and games into your live
  • Template customizations
    ? Fully customize templates or create it from scratch
  • Schedule post
    ? Schedule a post to be published automatically on selected time (without your participation)
  • 1080p streaming
  • Premium support
    ? 6h response time via email or chat
  • No software required
    ? Our platform works in the browser and we do streaming from our servers
  • $1.88 per extra credit
Frequently asked questions
Can I make changes while broadcast is live?
Yes, in our browser streaming studio you can change everything on the fly.
Can I loop one video file to play continuously?
Yes, you can do that.
Should my computer be on while streaming?
No, we do streaming from our servers so there is no need to kepp your computer turned on or even have internet connection.
Can I stream to multiple channels/destinations?
Yes, you can multistream up to 20 destinations.
Can I add video from my camera to live broadcast?
Yes, you can add your camera (or even multiple cameras) and other elements (polls, games, countdowns, etc.).

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