Last Comment Wins
Live Contest.

* Integrate into your live broadcast or run standalone

An easy and effective way to make your marketing campaign or live show viral and engaging.

What is this?
Viral* Live contest with no effort
So how does it work?
1. You have a timer. Let's say 120 seconds. Once your live video got the first comment, the timer starts counting down.
2. Every time someone leaves a new comment, the timer resets to the original position (120 seconds), and we show the name and photo of 3 last cementers.
3. If there are no new comments for the last 120 seconds, the last comment wins, the game stops, and we show the winner.

It is fully customizable and very flexible. You can add last comment contest to your streaming software or use our browser-based streaming studio.
* - You'll get a lot of comments since people will often comment to stay the last and win.

- People see their names and photos inside the live stream, which is quite compelling and exciting.

- Once a user leaves a comment, his friends see it on their newsfeed and most likely join the live game. It produces a viral effect on your live video, and you can get way more views than followers on your page.
Get started for free
1. Choose pre-built template.

There are templates with different themes, and formats. You can build your own template as well.
2. Configure and customize.

You can configure parameters of your game (duration of round, etc.) and customize the design (colors, backgrounds, texts) to align with your brand.
3. Publish to FB page or YouTube channel.

Click one button to publish it on your social media page. We will care about everything else and will stream your live video from our servers. You don't need to worry about anything else. We will monitor comments, update results inside a live video, and select the winner automatically. You can just sit and watch.
The game consists of 2 main screens
Game Structure
Live video last comment  game
Main screen
Displays timer and comments
Live video last comment  game
Winner screen
Displays winners
Examples of ready to use and customizable
Live video last comment  game
Last Comment Wins Contest
Live video last comment game
Black Friday Contest
Live video last comment game
Black Friday Contest 1
Live video last comment game
Black Friday Contest 2
Examples of live last comment wins games
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Frequently asked questions
How do users interact with live contest?
They use comments. Players leave comments in the comment section of live video post, we monitor them, calculate and display results inside a live video.
I want to customize a lot of things in the game. Is it possible?
Yes, almost all elements of the game are customizable in our editor.
Can I do a Last comment wins game with live host?
Yes, it is very flexible and you can set it up in any way you want.
Can I integrate this Last Comment Contest into my streaming software?
Yes, you can integrate it into the majority of popular live streaming software.

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