Trivia game
for Facebook Live

New easy and effective way to entertain your users via Facebook Live by running game show.

What is this?

Good old game in new dimension

We combined well known Trivia Game with Facebook Live and made a new exciting thing. It is a real-time interactive game right inside a live video. Users interact with it using comments and Facebook reactions.

With just a few clicks, you can launch it on your Facebook page and start engaging your users. And Facebook's algorithm* will help you to get large audience reach.

* - Once you start a live video Facebook sends notifications to all your followers + rank live videos in news feed higher than other types of content. Besides that, once a user leaves comment his friends see it on their newsfeed and most likely join to live game. It produces viral effect on your live video and you can get way more views than followers on your page.

  • Easy to use
  • Customisable
  • Viral effect
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How it works?

Configure and Customize

Configure parameters of your game (rounds count, questions, duration of round etc.) and customize design to align with your brand. You can add a video from your camera as well to make it truly live show.

Post to FB page

You just need to click one button to post it on your FB page (we care about everything else and do live streaming from our servers).

Live Game process

You don't need to worry about anything here. We will monitor comments and update results inside a live video automatically. You can just sit and watch.

Show Result

At the end of the game we will choose and display winners automatically.

Game Structure

Facebook Live trivia game

Start screen

Displays before the start of the game so people have time to notice notification and join the game.

Facebook Live trivia game

Game screen

Here we display timer, question and answer options.

Facebook Live trivia game

Round results screen

After the end of each round we display correct answer and answers people gave.

Facebook Live trivia game

Final results screen

After the end of last round we display final screen. There is a list of all the people answered correctly and list of winners choose randomly.

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$ 0

  • 1 demo credit (10 game rounds)
  • Game configuration
  • No Software Required
  • Contains Our Branding Signature
  • Email Support


1 credit for each 10 rounds
Show Credit pricing?

  • Game configuration
  • Post Scheduling
  • No Software Required
  • White Label
  • Email Support

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do users interact with live video?

Using comments. Users leave comments right under a live video post, we monitor them and display results inside a video.

2. How long my video will be live?

Depends on game parameters you specify (number of rounds, round duration etc.) we calculate live streaming duration automatically and stop it once the game ends.

3. I want to customize a lot of things in the game. Is it possible?

Yes, almost all elements of the game are customizable in our editor. If it is not enough for you we can create a new custom game for you for additional price.

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